Dr Tom Phillips


I am a data engineer interested in data warehousing, real-world data products and applied machine learning systems. Currently I'm Senior Data Engineer at Oaknorth Bank.

Previously, I ran my own data science and engineering consultancy. Before that I led engineering at Octopus Energy's research lab, Centre for Net Zero. We simulated over 9 million households to find out whether the UK government will achieve its heat pump installation targets (it won't).

I have six years experience in startups. At Fluidly, I forecasted the cash flow of tens of thousands of small businesses. At DueDil, a company information platform, I worked for clients on bespoke data projects and entity resolution systems. Both have since been acquired.

I have a PhD in Chemistry from Imperial College London, where I built chemical reactors to make high-quality nanoparticles for solar photovoltaics. My work has over 450 citations.